Summer sucks

These sneaky pests are rampaging through my apartment, rubbing their spindly antennae on the counters, probing the bathroom for chunks of tooth paste.
Today we're talking about the only relief we get in this hot town: the subway breeze.
Welcome to Hot Squirrel Summer, and meet our new Summer Sucks mascot.
"For roaches, this is not new. They've been doing this for thousands of years: 'It's hot, let's fly.' For people ... it's like Roaches Gone Wild."
Layering and accessories are key, turns out.
Wish you were here standing in this garbage puddle with me.
In this week's installment of Summer Sucks, we're talking about caftans, the perfect summer outfit.
Reverse seasonal depression, which affects some people when it's hot out, has entirely different symptoms than its winter counterpart.
Welcome to Summer Sucks, we'll be here all summer, feeding you content related to the worst season.
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