Summer guide

Summer movie season is here! These are the big ones hitting the big screen...
Autumn is on the horizon! Click through for hot tips on how to fill your last precious days of summer.
August starts tomorrow! Here's what we'll be doing...
Here's a quick rundown of five great beaches that are all just a hop, skip and a jump away.
Now that summer is officially here, here's your guide to everything at the so-hot-right-now Rockaway Beach.
With summer in full swing, we take a look at some of the city's best swimming holes.
Summer is upon us, and with it comes the arrival of plentiful outdoor theater options across the city, from Shakespeare in the Park to Shakespeare in the Parking Lot. Here are our top picks.
Five great mini golf destinations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Governors Island!
Were all the great summer songs written decades ago? Click back for what's a mostly nostalgic sonic step into the sweltering season—with songs from The Drifters, Dolly Parton, the B-52's, and yes, The Fresh Prince.
With temperatures rising, relief can only be found in one form: dessert. Here are five tasty and exemplary treats to cool you down.
It's the Summer of CGI, check out these trailers for this year's blockbusters.
Here are some places that didn't make it into our most recent rooftop drinking roundup; a few of them just opened for the season and they're desperate for attention.
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