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The camp in the Catskills was forced to close its first session early after more than 50 staffers and four youngsters tested positive.

The girl's cause of death is unknown, but parents of attendees at the upstate camp said they're worried COVID protocols weren't followed.

Health experts don’t think parents and kids need to abandon their return to normalcy, but they do recommend a couple of extra considerations for summer camp, vacations and social gatherings.

“We as camp operators, we sort of operate on outdated guidance that does not reflect the latest."

Unvaccinated kids in New York will also no longer be required to wear masks outside at summer camps or childcare programs if they are in an outdoor space being used exclusively by the program.

Camp and childcare programs in New York will also be required to "collect COVID-19 vaccination status and documentation for all staff and children."

The YMCA of Greater New York is asking $5 million for the Orange County parcel, and is “evaluating all offers” including a rumored $4.6 million offer from a private camp operator.

While day camps were permitted to operate at limited capacity last summer, sleepaway camps were shuttered the entire season.

The lawsuit alleges his order violates the constitutional rights of the free exercise of religion and “the fundamental rights of parents to control the religious education and upbringing of their children.”

JCC Brooklyn has announced it's ready to hold in-person summer camp this year as the city's summer offerings have been largely shut down.