Summer 2019

'The theme this year is We See You,' one attendee told Gothamist. 'I wanted to make sure I represent that: taking up space making yourself visible and unapologetic.'
Four of these 10 record-holding hot Julys have occurred since 2010, indicating that the Earth's atmosphere continues to warm at an alarming rate.
Welcome to Hot Squirrel Summer, and meet our new Summer Sucks mascot.
"It's dirty. The smell and the heat make it a lot worse. ...If we're waiting for a while, it gets us angry and impatient."
The Afro-Latino Festival, high-stakes roller derby, Chickensh*t Bingo on a Bushwick farm, Bastille Day fest, and much more in this weeks guide to fun in NYC.
Prime weather for eating 100 hot dogs and barfing them up on the boardwalk.
"For roaches, this is not new. They've been doing this for thousands of years: 'It's hot, let's fly.' For people ... it's like Roaches Gone Wild."
A whimsical clown circus, First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum, The Bacchae in Marcus Garvey Park, and so much more going on this week beyond the fireworks.
There was also an alternative Pride event yesterday, the Queer Liberation March, which saw thousands take the streets hours before the official march.
The Pride March is happening on Sunday, June 30th.
Layering and accessories are key, turns out.
Tens of thousands of sea creatures threw a huge party at the beach.
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