The costume designer and New Yorker played John Wick's own tailor in the second film.
A New Jersey man is suing United Airlines, claiming the airline did little to help after a drunken passenger peed on him during a cross-country flight earlier this year.
His spiritual beliefs "entirely transcend the political realm," the suit claims, and are loosely related to the 30-year-old tourist's sympathy for the victims of 9/11.
The suit alleges that the victim used a wheelchair for months following the fall.
Empire Brewing's not ready to give itself over to the Dark Side.
The employee says management never notified cops about the harassment.
The suit reportedly seeks $25 million in damages.
Andrea Rebello, a 21-year-old junior at Hofstra, was killed on May 17th last year when a police bullet aimed at an ex-con who was holding her hostage hit her in the head.
The suit alleges two security guards approached them, and one "put his hands" on Tirmizi and "menacingly poked at" him, telling him he was not allowed to pray there.
The defendants say the suit is based on a totally fabricated version of events, and they are peaceful protestors.
"A lot of money they have taken from me," a busser and runner at Dovetail told the Daily News. "But I don’t have a lot of options."
According to the complaint, he was given the boot because he "wouldn't fit between the aisles."
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