Suicide attempt

Prosecutors say it took them nearly eight minutes to intervene when an 18-year-old attempted to hang himself.
A suicidal Belgian man afraid of being sent out of the country was rescued Sunday morning after cops talked him off of the Brooklyn Bridge.
The dispatchers used pings from her cellphone as well as screenshots from Facebook and Google Maps to locate her.
A cop negotiated the man to safety by speaking to him in Mandarin.
A man is presumed dead, and a woman has been hospitalized after two people attempted suicide off of the George Washington Bridge in separate incidents within minutes of each other on Friday.
The girl is in critical condition.
A Queens woman is suing the NYPD for $7 million because she claims the publicity around her attempted suicide by subway has prevented her from getting a job.
He was apparently upset about a domestic abuse investigation.
Von Bargen told a 911 operator, "I was supposed to go to the hospital and I didn't want to."
Officer Robert McGee, who is currently at North Central Bronx Hospital because of burns from clutching the third rail, is telling friends that he's "ashamed of this whole thing."
A 57-year-old Haitian immigrant was pulled from the river by a fast-acting ferry crew.
The NYPD spent three hours yesterday talking down a distraught 39-year-old Midtown man from jumping off the Williamsburg Bridge.
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