The 10-digit change, which took effect Sunday, affects area codes 516, 607, 716, 845 and 914 in New York state, and 908 and 856 in New Jersey.
The NYC Department of Correction says the man in his 50s died in an apparent suicide.
The tragedy marks the fourth time that a person has taken their life at the troubled monument since it opened in 2019.
The developer says that they are considering what measures might be taken to prevent future deaths.
An NYPD spokesperson confirmed to Gothamist on Wednesday that the investigation into Alexander's death "continues."
It's unclear what part of the installation he jumped from.
The woman's father said she intended to serve her husband with divorce papers.
Linhong Li, 33, fatally shot himself in his Queens home on Tuesday night.
Reports say that the officer was discovered in his Queens home by his family.
The officer was a 24-year veteran and assigned to the 50th Precinct in the Bronx.
Police Commissioner O'Neill called this a 'mental health crisis.'
A high-ranking detective was found dead of an apparent suicide in Brooklyn on Thursday, one day after a veteran NYPD chief took his own life in Queens.
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