Sugary drinks

The liquid human fat ads are back!
His remarks will be streamed on
After all, what is Nanny Bloomberg going to do, shut down Starbucks?
A soft drink "insider" complains that soda companies "spent huge sums" to alter their manufacturing process so that the bottle sizes would comply with the 16 ounce cap.
It was an "historic" meeting, as Health Commissioner Thomas Farley put it; one in which the board's integrity seemed to be at stake as much as any huge soda containers.
As expected, the Board of Health has approved a plan to restrict the sale of sugary drinks, voting 8-0 with one abstention.
As Council Member Dan Halloran said, "We have more important things to do."
Batali doesn't want to keep giving people diabetes.
While you can probably take away New Yorker's large sodas, when you threaten their Frappucinos and, well, you are cruising for a bruising.
"But this is not something the administration is pursuing at a federal level and not something I'm specifically endorsing or condemning," she said.
When asked how large his beverage was, not-petite Councilman Leroy Comrie Jr. (who once tried to ban toys from Happy Meals) announced the drink was "thirty-two ounces, baby!"
Why is Mayor Bloomberg trying to keep us from a 20 ounce Dewdriver?
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