As Mayor Adams considers banning chocolate milk, an upstate House member wants students to have flavored milk choices.
Because this type of signage has been so successful in the past...
A Manhattan woman is suing the dog walker who lost her beloved rescue pup—and she believes the dog walker traded the dog for drugs.
Americans will each eat a Michael Cera-sized amount of sugar each year.
The labels say two grams of sugar but independent testing puts it closer to 11.
Step inside and learn the secrets of making your own Sour Power Straw vodka-infused cocktails! It's a living.
With only days to go until Nanny Bloomberg's ban on large sugary drinks kicks in, everybody is scrambling.
Mayor Bloomberg's Health Department is now pushing private hospitals to drop the sugar.
DQ CEO: "By the end of the year we should have several units here in Manhattan." But first, Staten Island will get one.
We've spent two lazy afternoons under its spell, and have a few tips for those souls who thirst for the world's most "perfect" synthetic malt beverage approximation of a beer haphazardly shoved into a margarita.
While you can probably take away New Yorker's large sodas, when you threaten their Frappucinos and, well, you are cruising for a bruising.
When asked how large his beverage was, not-petite Councilman Leroy Comrie Jr. (who once tried to ban toys from Happy Meals) announced the drink was "thirty-two ounces, baby!"
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