Sue simmons

Last night 30 Rock continued its graceful and funny final season with an episode that not only included a wedding at a funeral but also cameos from a number of lovely lady celebrities.
Chuck Scarborough loved Google too much.
Oops... Sue Simmons's name showed up during the 11 p.m. broadcast last night, right in front of her replacement Shiba Russell.
Her longtime co-anchor Chuck Scarborough called her, "Funny, unpredictable, dangerous, and always there when you and I needed her there to share the news."
After 32 years, Sue will say good-bye.
June 15th will be the last day Sue Simmons will be broadcasting on Channel 4 next to Chuck Scarborough... end of an era!
Or could WNBC let Chuck Scarborough go solo?
The scuttlebutt about Sue Simmons' non-renewal of contract.
It's the end of an era: Channel 4 has let Sue Simmons go, leaving Chuck all alone...
Have you noticed something missing from NBC's 11 PM news lately?
F-bombers, away! From left, Arthur Chi'en, Sue Simmons and Ernie Anastos
Len Berman didn't exactly use his farewell from the WNBC 4
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