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Last night 30 Rock continued its graceful and funny final season with an episode that not only included a wedding at a funeral but also cameos from a number of lovely lady celebrities.

Oops... Sue Simmons's name showed up during the 11 p.m. broadcast last night, right in front of her replacement Shiba Russell.

Her longtime co-anchor Chuck Scarborough called her, "Funny, unpredictable, dangerous, and always there when you and I needed her there to share the news."

June 15th will be the last day Sue Simmons will be broadcasting on Channel 4 next to Chuck Scarborough... end of an era!

Or could WNBC let Chuck Scarborough go solo?

It's the end of an era: Channel 4 has let Sue Simmons go, leaving Chuck all alone...

Have you noticed something missing from NBC's 11 PM news lately?