Success academy

The original plan had been to start the school year in a hybrid model, but officials at the charter school network cited concerns over “building readiness" and loss of instructional time.
Governor Andrew Cuomo has to approve the reopening plans for all schools in the state, including charters.
State authorities have determined that Success Academy, the controversial charter network with 47 schools across the city, is violating the civil rights of kids with disabilities.
Democrats are a favorite to take control of the State Senate, where charter-friendly Republicans have ruled for the last decade.
New York City charter network Success Academy has barely been open a week, but some students are already learning valuable lessons about nepotism and organizational dysfunction.
Both the COO and the CFO have resigned, according to a company-wide email sent by Eva Moskowitz.
Protesters chants included "Paul Ryan you will pay / For trying to kill the ACA," "Not just for Paul! Health care for all!"
Protests are also expected.
Public money, private decision-making.
Thirteen parents sued the charter network back in January.
"It makes me feel bad as a parent, like, what am I going to do to build her confidence all over again?"
"It is really beyond disappointing that we can't seem to get a fair shake from the paper of record."
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