Davey started his first day at a subway station in Jackson Heights
Reacting to the deaths, an MTA official said "It’s lunacy that people are voluntarily intruding on subway tracks."
“Without that missing piece of where people will go, I do think that this plan will not be successful and we'll see more people pushed from one subway line to another, or from the subways to the streets, where they're exposed to the elements,” one advocate says.
In Boston, the mayor is trying to make three bus lines free.
Feinberg will become chair of the MTA; Janno Lieber will become chief executive; and current chair/chief executive Patrick Foye will be appointed interim president and CEO at Empire State Development.
Andrew Yang said his favorite subway station is Times Square, which enraged some and elicited nods of approval from others. But what makes a really good subway station?
The MTA continues to ask for more NYPD officers to patrol the subways, citing a recent survey that found 76% of riders feel safer seeing police in the subways.
Advocates for the homeless community welcomed the change.
Time for some traffic studies!
Homeless New Yorkers who are stopped by the NYPD for civil infractions will be offered the choice between a summons and getting public assistance.
Byford, it's becoming increasingly clear, has as many questions about the plan as average New Yorkers. “We know a lot,” Byford told Gothamist, “but there’s still a lot we don’t know.”
The MTA offered an explanation for the 'good service' trap last week.
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