Subway tracks

Two straphangers worked together to pull her up from the abyss.
Maybe we should take a note from her and all be so calm during our commutes.
A group of frustrated subway riders who encountered a man standing on the tracks in Brooklyn over the weekend used a variety of tactics to get him to move.
"She seemed totally fine and very confident about her decision," according to one witness.
For one straphanger, 2017 has started with a thud.
One of the victims, a woman in her 30s, lost both of her legs in the collision.
He said he didn't know how he got there.
From the psych ward at Bellevue Hospital.
He allegedly threatened officers, "I’m going to throw you guys onto the tracks."
A woman was struck by a southbound 3 train at 72nd Street just after 11 a.m. today.
Police are searching for a man who pushed a woman off of the Bleecker Street 6 subway platform and onto the tracks on Monday morning.
The man also grabbed a bottle from a trash can and hurled it at her.
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