Subway stations

Here's one small, very fixable thing: why are they painting subway stations during rush hour?
A U.S. District Court judge on Wednesday ruled that the MTA violated the Americans with Disabilities Act when it failed to install elevators during a 2013 renovation of a Bronx subway station.
Please stock them with hand sanitizer. Please stock them with hand sanitizer.
The 'curators' say they are trying to find 'pieces' that represent NYers' everyday lives and commutes, whether it's old pieces of bubble gum, dead cockroaches, or food and alcohol remnants.
There are still some stations in the system you just can't help but love, even if your train is always late.
Are you just a Junior Commuter or are you an Official Resident?
A counter intuitive pilot program aimed at reducing garbage in subway stations by removing trash cans appears, against all logic, to be working.
"The whole trip took 9 hours almost to the minute, and was quite a challenge, as we had to hop off the train, find a sign, take a photo, and get back on the train before the doors closed."
Some subway stations are getting so packed, the MTA may one day begin intermittently shutting down entrances.
"The MTA should toss out this plan and put the garbage cans back," quips City Council member Jessica Lappin.
The MTA's experiment, in which it removes trash cans from stations to reduce station litter, is going to expand to a few more stations this summer.
One of 466 in the city (via Red Right Ankle's flickr
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