Subway shooting

Frank James appeared in federal court in Brooklyn
The suspect faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if he is convicted.
The NYPD says the people were identified after providing solid tips that led to an arrest.
Seven workers who were operating trains and buses were given a plaque by the city.
Evolv uses an array of magnetic sensors to spot when a person is carrying metal, but critics worry about the potential for false positives.
Prosecutors clarified the timeline of James' alleged movements before and after the attack
Dr. Alison Holman fields audience questions on how to discuss traumatic events with children in the wake of the Sunset Park shooting.
Frank R. James was apprehended by police in the East Village
Staying home doesn't come easily to Eric Adams. On Wednesday morning, the mayor appeared in 10 interviews — all before 10 a.m.
Passengers said they were wary but undeterred
The mayor spoke to CNN after releasing a roughly two-minute video in which he urged New Yorkers to come forward with any information they may know about the incident.
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