Subway platform

The NYPD reports 26 people were shoved onto the tracks in 2020, and 30 people were shoved last year.
On Friday, the Regional Plan Association released their report on the hottest subway platforms, based on measurements taken at the ten busiest stations.
This life-risking activity is even more imbecilic when it fails spectacularly.
The suspect came into the train car brandishing a firearm.
The three had been arguing.
It's one thing to keep a pet rat—it's another thing to affectionately "save" a filthy disease-carrying subway rat.
This song puts the "rap" in straphangers.
Graffiti and water damage though? Not hard to find.
The MTA is reportedly seriously exploring the possibility of installing the sliding doors at L Train stations.
"I totally think it's way past due, they really need to do it," transit architect Jonathan Cohn told us. "But I can understand they have their constraints and funding issues."
In the aftermath of recent high profile subway shovings that left two people dead, the Daily News reports that the MTA will reconsider installing sliding doors on some subway platforms...yet again.
We went underground to check the temperatures on the subway platform, and found them to be much cooler than the open air sidewalks of New York!
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