Subway pervert

Police are searching for the man, who fled the station after the assault.
The victim was reportedly an off-duty traffic agent, who confronted him. He allegedly replied, 'It's crowded.'
'I fully support saying after the second conviction you are banned from going back through the subway.'
The victim said that he also bumped into her and breathed on her while on the train.
This happened during a morning commute.
Police say the suspect grabbed her butt on a staircase.
It's his sixth arrest in two years related to grinding up against women
He used a Spider-Man backpack to partially shield himself in one incident.
The incident took place near the Broadway and West 79th Street station.
In one incident, he allegedly stared at a woman while masturbating—and also took pictures of her.
Police are looking for a suspect who they say groped a woman on a train between the Brooklyn Bridge and Fulton Street subway stops
He is a registered sex offender.
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