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"I turned sideways and he pushed harder to the point that I was bending over," the victim said.

Cops say the suspect in a level 3 sex offender with 24 prior arrests, including 14 for sexually-related offenses.

Police are looking for a man accused of groping a woman on the 7 train this weekend.

Dr. Adam W. Levinson pleaded guilty to unlawful surveillance in the second degree, but will avoid jail time.

The incident happened on June 3.

Peter Vallone wants to do something about the fact that "you cannot find a woman who has not been the victim of some sort of harassment on the subway."

Police are looking for a subway pervert who they say exposed and touched himself on a train in Brooklyn this week.

The uploader added, "so instead of being embarrassed about it, she stopped playing her video game and took a picture of it. He just shrugged like .. I didn't do anything." Classic subway perv technique.

The suspect was identified through a police lineup.

The victim took a photograph of the suspect, who left at Union Square station.