Subway map

One of the most pivotal moments in subway map history happened in the basement of Cooper Union in April 1978, when acclaimed designer Massimo Vignelli debated the future of the map with cartographer John Tauranac.
The MTA Live Subway Map seeks to transmute the weekly onslaught of confusing and byzantine service changes into one simple-to-use app.
The MTA has put up six new maps around the 86th Street station in Bay Ridge to show some raw works in progress and get some feedback on the new designs.
A vintage Vignelli subway map has been uncovered.
"It's not map for getting from A to B but for understanding the tracks in the system to see how trains can run."
Triboro Design used "only the most inappropriate colors" to come up with their subway maps.
The designer made Brooklyn more geographically accurate.
"Maybe they are in a hurry or uncomfortably trying to peek at the map through a crowd and want to get the information they need as quickly as possible," the designer explained.
It can take two weeks to create some of the more complicated plans.
Are you just a Junior Commuter or are you an Official Resident?
Aw, the city's "second subway" wants to be more included.
Public art's all over the place in NYC, with installations in parks, plazas, and street corners. Here are our favorite pieces.
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