Subway kittens

Arthur the Cat went missing in Prospect Heights on November 20th.
The adorable kittens who brought subway service to a standstill in Brooklyn last month after they were spotted frolicking on the train tracks have been adopted by a married couple in Brooklyn.
The Subway Kittens are ready to be adopted, and they won't be separated.
If there are, then WHY HAVEN'T WE SEEN THEM?
Stephen Colbert brought the subway kittens August and Arthur—along with current foster dad Steven Liu—onto the show in a basket.
August and Arthur have everything a kitten could want: scratching posts, toys, tons of cardboard boxes to conquer, and two other cats to play with.
Lhota's subway kitten comments have inspired rival John Catsimatidis to go on the offensive with the single greatest cat-related political campaign in history.
The kittens were briefly caught, but they escaped immediately afterwards—it took until after 6 p.m. for officials to finally wrangle them into cages.
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