Subway fight

If you can go through your daily life not acting like any of the people in this video, then you're already doing something right.
The police officer was surprised the woman kicked his dog partner in the face.
Bear and his human partner were helping another police officer stop women from fighting on the southbound 4 platform at Lexington and 59th Street.
"She went to help her girlfriend—that's what you do when you're in a relationship."
Close your eyes and hear the crunch of serenity.
Fighting and hugging: on the subway, sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.
An apparently intoxicated man just won't quit and a fight ensues. After a long work week, sometimes you'd kill for a simple, quiet shoe-licker.
An emotionally disturbed man wielding a screwdriver allegedly climbed through the window of a 5 train motorman's cab in the Bronx on Friday afternoon and ordered the motorman to drive the train or be killed.
Being a busy mom in this city can be hard, so you can understand how a woman let her child's stroller roll out of a subway car during a fistfight.
A subway skirmish caught on video gets out of hand.
Of all the foods to make a stand over, is spaghetti really pungent enough to fight for/against?
A 2006 public service ad warning about a "new flu" by
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