Subway etiquette

"That’s right, free breakfast, and if you missed it, you can just swipe a dollop off of any of the straphangers who exited after."
"It was kinda funny, sitting there staring at my hand thinking, 'This would be a really dumb way to go.''
A man was arrested after he allegedly stabbed someone over an argument about a subway seat, and then allegedly stabbed a good Samaritan who tried to stop him from running away.
A meme investigation into a very viral video.
Gross violation or most ambitious crossover in subway etiquette history?
'But there's certain decorum that has to be observed, there's certain rules we ask you to observe for the benefit of everyone. Things like, animals should be carried in a small basket.'
The victim reportedly suffered back pain.
Subway etiquette reminder: No one wants to hear your game/movie/music.
This dog was wearing pants and taking up a coveted seat on the rush hour commute this morning.
An aberration of space and an abdication of reason.
Even when things get verbally heated between straphangers, they usually don't turn into a prolonged stun gun standoff.
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