Subway delays

"If someone were to push me, I think I would have fallen."
They say that if you give an inch, they'll take a mile, and so it goes for the city's favorite trash pandas.
'I thought it was a good character building exercise, to just sit there completely helpless because there’s quite literally not a single thing you can do.'
This was Isaiah Thompson's 18th arrest for subway-related offenses.
Thompson would allegedly ride one line uptown, and once he'd manufactured maximum chaos in one direction, would reverse course and delay trains headed downtown.
We were so close to getting through this week without a massive subway close, and yet so far.
Evacuations! Sweat lodges! Confusing announcements! Stalled trains! Underwater trains! Magic tricks where C trains turn into F trains then turn into D trains! Wig brawls!
Hours lost to subway delays were up across the board from 2012, with no line doing better than a 24.7 percent increase in delays.
According to a new analysis, subway delays cost commuters somewhere in the range of $307 million per year.
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