Subway crime

The subway system has been the target of other violent attacks, most notably bombing attempts.
The violent 24-hour period came immediately after Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul unveiled a sweeping plan to improve safety on the subways.
The New York group, which represents more than 70 groups, decried the epidemic of violence against Asian Americans.
The incident came just over a week after Mayor Adams, alongside Gov. Kathy Hochul, released a plan to improve safety across the system.
City Hall Employees Offered Travel Buddy System As Subway Safety Debate Rages
The MTA is hoping to lure riders back to the subway. But hcan it keep Asian New Yorkers safe from harassment and attacks?
As the MTA hopes to lure back riders, amid a spike in anti-Asian hate crimes and an uptick in burglaries, murder and rapes, the agency is touting an increase in surveillance cameras.
The MTA budget directors said the agency expects to save $50 million a year in preventing fare evasion.
Police have arrested a 20-year-old man for allegedly stabbing an MTA conductor multiple times in the Bronx this weekend.
A woman who attempted to break up a fight on a subway platform was hospitalized on Wednesday morning after a man struck her over the head with a metal pipe, police said.
'I felt confused by the process, like there really wasn't a lot of recourse for folks in my situation who are attacked by a stranger like this.'
All the phones are estimated to cost $800-900.
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