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Nine people have been killed on the subway so far this year, compared to six at this time in each of the past two years.

Their strategy to improve subway safety will also install more cameras in the subway system, create programs for homeless New Yorkers with mental illnesses, and crack down on fare evasion.

The identified suspects are said to be living in Queensbridge Houses, police said.

New York is lifting one of the region’s last surviving mask mandates, the governor announced on Wednesday.

The service expansion is part of a connectivity plan that will also install Wi-Fi at all above-ground and Staten Island Railway stations.

In viral social media videos showing the Thursday arrest, the musician, John Ajilo, is seen being placed in handcuffs by several police officers at the same busking spot the performer has used for more than five years.

The city’s subway system has long banned firearms, with exceptions for law enforcement officers or the small number of people with concealed carry licenses. Those rules, officials said, will not immediately change.

Officially retired in 2003, Redbird Car #9075 is on the auction block at the low, low starting price of just $6,500.

Mayor says splitting up will boost police presence and rider confidence