What can be done to stop shootings like this?
"If I can help...and I see someone standing there, before they can even ask me, I’ll ask, ‘You need a swipe?’" one woman said.
It's believed 88,000 people would use this Brooklyn-Queens route each day.
Ride the rails this summer in the same machinery that New Yorkers used in the early 20th century.
If you have any affection built up for the magnetic stripe cards and/or know all the word to "Ten Crack Commandments" by heart, you won't want to miss out.
The new entrance features a 15-foot wide stairway and elevator with access to the shuttle to Grand Central Terminal.
"When subways are built into neighborhoods that are sparsely populated to begin with, people start moving there, because rapid transit makes it easier for you to live and work in two separate places."
"Why not make life easier? Why not stay in New Jersey?" Rep. Josh Gottheimer asked.
The bus can connect travelers taking the subway or LIRR to LaGuardia.
The MTA is creating a "blue-ribbon" panel to examine ways to reduce fare and toll evasion
As of 5:45 p.m. Thursday, southbound A and C trains are running via the D line from 59 Street-Columbus Circle to W 4 Street, while southbound E trains are running via the M line from 5 Avenue/53 Street to W 4 Street, according to the MTA.
The suspect, Martial Simon, 61, is currently at Bellevue Hospital Center, where psychiatrists say he’s unfit for trial.
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