Her head, legs, and clothing were found in bags weighed down by pieces of metal, according to Copenhagen police inspector Jens Moller Jensen.
The ongoing investigation into the death of freelance journalist and recent Columbia University graduate Kim Wall has revealed that she was stabbed 14 times.
Copenhagen Police confirmed Wednesday that the headless body found off the Eastern coast of Denmark is a DNA match with Kim Wall.
The famed Danish inventor has allegedly told authorities that he dumped Wall's body overboard after she died in an accident, Danish police revealed Monday.
Police are investigating the mysterious disappearance of freelance journalist and recent Columbia University graduate Kim Wall, who was last seen boarding a submarine in Copenhagen.
This miniature yellow submarine is headed to Manhattan.
Submarine, hero, grinder, Italian-whatever you call it in your hometown, a hoagie by any other name does taste as delicious.
Drug Enforcement Administration officials have seized a 100-foot stealth submarine in
The USS Growler was officially welcomed back to the Intrepid last
Back in September land-dwellers were on high alert as a submarine passed
Photo by Jen Carlson. Perhaps submarines are always in the East
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