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Instagram-filtering rich kids, torture-by-Snapchat, and real life flibbertigibbets all add up to a truly inspirational hate read in the NY Times this week.
Public Editor Margaret Sullivan gives it 7.5 monocles!
How to live a proper postmodern man life.
Next week: Are masks made of human skin the new tiaras?
A roundup of all the times the NY Times has mentioned the monocle.
New reports claim that NY Times freelancer Liza Ghorbani is the mom in question—and that their affair started while she was on assignment for the Style Section.
This weekend, the NY Times profiles ambitious 20-somethings who embrace low pay and long hours with masochistic hopefulness.
The NY Times calls the article "Creating Hipsturbia," but it could easily be titled, "Hipsters! Brooklyn Brooklyn! Suburbs? Hipster Brooklyn Suburbs! Vegan Soap. Brooklyn Hipster Suburbs Forever!"
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