Stun gun

"I was already handcuffed when they tased me. It was unnecessary."
An attorney for the man's family, called the investigation a "positive step in the right direction."
The man had allegedly threatened cops with a glass bottle.
Police had used a stun gun on him, but the suspect may have pulled out the stun gun's pins.
The police say the victim realized his roommate was involved after watching surveillance footage.
The police released video of two suspects allegedly robbing a Bronx bodega—and using a stun gun to subdue an employee.
The suspect is a real sicko, allegedly rubbing his genitals on victims and trying to take off their clothes.
The jogger had been in Forest Park at 4:30 p.m.
A stun gun-toting 23-year-old Greek man was arrested at JFK airport yesterday morning as he was about to board a flight to London.
Three Connecticut police officers are being investigated after a video was uploaded on YouTube showing them beating and kicking a suspect after he had already apparently been subdued with a stun gun.
As much as we're irritated by the TSA in the airport, we love the TSA in our inboxes, because the agency is never shy about sharing all of the weird and wondrous weapons they find.
A Long Island man who was assaulted with a stun gun during a Jets-Cowboys game at MetLife stadium last year is suing pretty much everybody.
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