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The two-year rearrest rate for people released due to bail reform was 44%, compared to 50% before the reform.

Among the ten zip codes that saw the highest rates of move-outs last year compared to 2019, all but one was in Manhattan (the exception was Long Island City) and six included parts of Midtown, the Upper West Side, and the Upper East Side.

The finding alone isn’t shocking. But it could help focus contact tracing efforts.

"Nobody can do challenge studies on this. You can’t do something in a lab. We have to wait and see."

"This finding should give pause to the current urge to pursue indoor restaurant dining."

The new study comes as the pandemic has spawned a new industry of washable cloth and designer face masks.

Australia and Iran are "experiencing rapid virus spread" despite their warm temperatures.

'Why is it that working people are fined while landlords who engage in reckless conduct that exposes children to permanent irreparable brain injury are rarely fined at all?'

Reverse seasonal depression, which affects some people when it's hot out, has entirely different symptoms than its winter counterpart.

Really, that should say more about the rest of the continent than the MTA.