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The New York City school system has continued to adjust its protocols for handling COVID cases among students and teachers as Mayor Eric Adams and his administration push the city to reopen.

As the city rolls out mental health supports, educators say students are acting out more than they used to.

Following new guidance on social distancing, the city offered families one more chance to opt-in this year

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, almost 1 million children in the city will have spent about a third of this school year learning remotely before heading into the summer months

De Blasio has promised “holy Hell will rain down” on schools that don’t have enough soap, paper towels or other cleaning supplies.

"Nowhere have I found anyone in power who dares to tell it like it is, because no matter where you are, even that burden they leave to us, us teenagers, us children."

'I think about how the generation before spent however long in this kind of malaise of complicity,” said 17-year-old Adam Neville.

The MTA is moving forward with a plan to offer free full-fare MetroCards to students in K-12 who live more than a half mile from school.

"None of us were expecting to be here today."

"We're basically keeping our fingers crossed that someone doesn't call and say they are doing very badly."