"No one visibly panicked which made a huge difference."
"We're actually stuck in an elevator in real life."
At press time, Buddy was heard muttering, "FML. You guys, seriously, FML."
The plane, a 235 foot long Boeing 747 Dreamlifter cargo craft used to haul 787 Dreamliner parts around, took off from JFK and was headed to McConnell Air Force Base in Wichita.
Police and harbor patrol are trying to rescue a dolphin who is stuck in a creek in Brooklyn.
A wise Tweet: "If thats yo truck stuck @ the Lincoln Tunnel yo ass need to start looking for a new job asap."
It seems that there was a lot of confusion between Jet Blue and Bradley Airport, resulting in hundreds of passengers being stuck on a plane (on a tarmac at the airport) for over seven hours.
We just received news of an "Unusual Incident" on 60 West
As we sort through the hundreds of photos pouring in of the According to a new study of 16 cities from IBM,
A tractor-trailer is stuck under an overpass on the FDR at
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