Stu loeser

In 2009, the NYPD was forced to revise the rules governing press credentials and let online media outlets obtain press passes. But as we've found out, the application process is Kafkaesque, and nothing's really changed.
Take a bow, Bloomberg! (nycmayorsoffice's flickr) Mayor Bloomberg may be a
Is Mayor Bloomberg's crusade to turn New Yorkers into healthy eaters
Mayor Bloomberg's continued insistence that he is not currently running for President
Mayor MIchael Bloomberg's largess makes him the country's seventh biggest charitable donor.
With news that Mayor Bloomberg is planning to attend a meeting about
Senator Barack Obama might be back in Iowa on the campaign
As the Gothamist Newsmap noted, two construction workers fell through a sidewalk
Mayor Bloomberg headed to jury duty this morning, with a smile,
Even before Mike Bloomberg became the Mayor of New York City,
Interesting turn of events in the City Council's attempt to pass a
- The goings-on at Rudy Giuliani's own company were the focus of
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