It's believed that the mother was carrying her daughter in a stroller.
Luckily, the grandmother saw what was happening and ran after the suspect.
The grand larceny took place near Carlton Avenue and Willoughby Avenue.
He that has not crossed the road among you, let him first cast a stone at Pink Chicken.
Are parents actively trying to make subway riders hate them?
Thankfully, the little girl is safe—her mother jumped down to get her.
It happened at 3:45 p.m. yesterday afternoon.
Oscar Ruiz, a 35-year-old homeless man, pleaded guilty to attacking Mary Jane Jarman, 33, in September.
He was spotted last night in Englewood.
The baby was transported to Woodhull Hospital with abrasions on her nose and arms.
Your strollers do not make your personal items invisible.
You can find "Stroller Friendly" subway and bus routes.
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