The amount of cash Liu left her has not been disclosed.
According to one former NYC stripper who did a Reddit AMA today, being a stripper is more depressing than it is a fun, sex-positive way to make cash.
"The girls were rubbing their breasts in Leo’s face."
When broccoli is a tip.
A Brooklyn stripper-for-hire filed a lawsuit yesterday accusing her former employer Dial-A-Dancer NSFW of withholding pay for her dirty dancing, taking home less than $200 a week after three 12 hour shifts.
One-legged ex-con millionaire Thomas Hartmann was already found guilty of assaulting former stripper and current masseuse Sophia Kandelaki—but now she's suing him for $10 million.
The DA is throwing the book at the one-legged ex-con millionaire who was convicted of assaulting a Russian stripper in January.
An ex-con millionaire who lost a leg during a dust-up with cops has been convicted of assaulting a Russian stripper.
Former Real Housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub has returned to the stripper pole from whence she came.
The city's cyclists may be in the midst of a ticketing blitz,
One of the two strippers from Big Daddy Lou's Hot Lap
Former Flashdancers stripper Sheryl Azevedo is going to court over a
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