Strip clubs

On Tuesday, the New York Court of Appeals reinstated a 2001 law banning storefronts with "live performances characterized by an emphasis on certain specified anatomical areas or specified sexual activities."
"It sounds so bad to say that we were, like, drugging people. But it was, like, normal...What's an extra $20,000 to them?"
Sure, any day of the week you can brave Times Square to get an eyeful, but NYC also offers more festive ways to appreciate the human form in its unclothed glory.
Joe Budden is on the run, and having a hell of a time.
Lawyer for accused strip club scammer accuses victims of "buyers remorse."
In light of the arrests, AmEx has agreed to forgive the $135,000 in charges on Kivarkis's card, but Scores isn't giving up so easily.
The strippers allegedly stole around $200,000 over four months.
What happens in New York City strip clubs stay in New York City strip clubs, unless you run up a hundred thousand dollar tab and refuse to pay it by claiming that you were drugged.
It's the perfect place to avoid male eye contact and wolf-whistle at women who are pretending to be sexually attracted to you.
Nite Moves may have lost their initial plea before the Tax Appeals Bureau, but hope to secure the exemption when the New York Court of Appeals hears their case next year.
20 people were arrested at an early morning raid yesterday at strip clubs in NYC and Long Island, where women from Russia and Eastern Europe danced after being illegally smuggled into the country.
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