Strip club

She also addressed reports that she was getting back together with Offset.
Two bartenders at a strip club claim that Cardi B planned an attack on them.
In addition to the first mention of Gothamist, the D.C. brief contains the first appearance of the phrase "epic rager" in Supreme Court history.
One faces as many as 15 years in prison.
No arrests have been made in the shooting and robbery of Knicks forward Cleanthony Early.
"This is the boss," one supposedly said, pointing to his gun.
Two men were stabbed in the bathroom of a Brooklyn strip club after a fight broke out over the music at the club.
Doesn't Dear Old Dad have enough of Eagles CDs, anyway?
An NYPD sting claims to have caught prostitutes working out of FlashDancer's Gentlemen's Club, but the lounge says no such proof exists.
A critic says it's Albany's fault, not welfare recipients' fault, "If you are poor, it's a crummy life and you want to have a drink or see a naked woman."
Rick's has bragged about its "really solid base of Wall Street customers."
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