At least 60 people have died in traffic crashes this year, the highest total since 2013, the year before former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero safety initiative took effect with the goal of eliminating traffic deaths.
Thanks to a new interactive map, we don't have to rely on anecdotal evidence about how much of the city lacks the sidewalk space to properly socially distance—we now have some very concrete data.
“Over the next month, we will create a minimum of 40 miles of open streets...and as the crisis continues, the goal is to get up to 100 miles."
"What I haven't heard is: what are the administration's ideas? What ideas do you all have? I haven't seen anything proactive put forward."
"Now's the time to maybe rethink our city."
The early 20th century extension of Sixth Avenue and Seventh Avenue South and widening of Houston Street involved momentous but largely forgotten upheavals that still shape how New York gets around today—for good and for ill.
Use the interactive map below to see where the most dangerous intersections in NYC are.
The city's streets are in the worst shape, with 42.7 percent of Manhattan roads considered substandard.
Check out a video showing how Times Square, Madison Square, Herald Square, Kent Avenue and more places have radically changed over the course of Bloomberg's time in office.
Photograph by EssG on Flickr After criticism that the Department of
What if Manhattan were without a grid plan? A digital design class
The view from the end of Huron Street in Greenpoint. (John
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