The latest cost estimate for the project is a full billion dollars more than the original projected price tag, even after cutting the BQX route short.
'It's the shape of things to come,' de Blasio said.
The mayor had promised that it would.
Some meeting participants protested a proposed shift in the project's location.
"Everyone loves a shiny new Tonka toy, but basically you're talking about two and a half billion dollars of our money in a floodplain."
"It seems like this is a mind-blowing idea to put in a streetcar, but cities all over the world are doing this, rapid fire," the NYC DOT Commissioner said.
"I just think it's kind of foolish spending all this money building this system when it's at risk."
"When I was growing up Queens seemed like a world apart," Kweli says.
"The BQX should not only benefit people who are moving into the neighborhood who can afford to pay $3,000 in rent."
But a close read of the report reveals numerous logistical concerns.
"A lot of people are just going to take this from one point to another without transferring. This is progress unto itself."
Flawed projects are often better than no project at all. But there are better ideas out there—and hundreds of thousands of desperate commuters that could use the help.
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