Street vendors

The most recent city data available shows vendors got more tickets in the third quarter of 2021 than during the same period in 2019.
“Everybody now... we cry. No business, no food, no anything. I'm going today because I have family."
"Without adequate relief efforts, New York City's street vendors are forced to continue to work, risking their health and well-being in the process."
New York City's longest-running street food showdown has one final delicious competition.
The NYPD asserts that a proliferation of food vendors "can soften an officer's vigilance when similar looking equipment being used to hide explosives."
Did your favorite taco truck take home top honors at the Vendys? Find out who won in each of the event's main categories.
The Vendys are taking aim at Donald Trump's demeaning "bad hombres" assertion, creating a new category celebrating Latinx food vendors.
Both vendors allege their property was taken without any way for them to get it back, a violation of their constitutional rights.
This year's Vendy Awards sought to find out!
The two sides are locked in "a veritable falafel fatwa."
Vendors apply for new licenses under different names to avoid paying thousands in fines from the agency.
But are those fines really fair?
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