Street vendor project

"I'm grateful for the people who brought me this because I want a good future for my children."
Nearly a year after Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged to remove the NYPD from street vendor enforcement, a group of pushcart owners say they're facing a new police crackdown.
"Without adequate relief efforts, New York City's street vendors are forced to continue to work, risking their health and well-being in the process."
The Street Vendor Project's beloved celebration decided to end after its 15th year.
Did your favorite taco truck take home top honors at the Vendys? Find out who won in each of the event's main categories.
The Vendys are taking aim at Donald Trump's demeaning "bad hombres" assertion, creating a new category celebrating Latinx food vendors.
Every Sunday through October, visit Vendy Plaza, and open-air market space in East Harlem, featuring local street chefs and celebrating New York City's diverse food culture. [sponsor]
The Plaza will also serve as a kind of incubator for the forthcoming Bourdain Market, where the Street Vendor Project will be curatin stalls made up of local NYC vendors
The agency didn't order enough of the required permits for the growing fleet of mobile food vendors.
A Times Square street artist won a rare victory over his bogus arrest.
The annual mobile vendor competition announced contenders for Rookie of the Year, Best Dessert and two other categories.
The 9th annual street vendor awards are moving to Industry City in Sunset Park this fall.
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