Street vendor

"You cannot continue a vending system that is inherently inequitable and then rain down police to enforce it."
Nearly a year after Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged to remove the NYPD from street vendor enforcement, a group of pushcart owners say they're facing a new police crackdown.
On Monday, Scott Stringer held a press conference in Corona, Queens to join others in condemning Yang's remarks.
The bill would create 4,000 new licenses to sell street food over a ten-year period, more than doubling the 3,000 existing permits.
Food insecurity is surging, this food truck business is collapsing, but this program that offered a helping hand to both is about to end.
Apparently one of the suspects had tried to steal one of the vendor's purses, and then he returned with others to beat him up.
In the cell phone video age, no bizarre dance-and-diss outbursts go unpunished.
There's nothing funny about discourteousness and disrespect...having said that, the dancing, foul-mouthed female police officer in the video below is the exception to the rule.
Unable to continue paying the $10,000 a month rent for the coveted real estate outside of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, organic cupcake vendor Cake & Shake has bowed out of their 5-year contract with the city.
Should a bar owner expect the possibility of stinky food vendor fumes?
The Committee on Consumer Affairs convened this morning at City Hall to discuss the steep fines imposed on food vendors for non-health violations.
Once again the prime peddling real estate outside the Met is causing friction between "rent a vets" and vendors who paid dearly for the privilege.
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