Street sign

Emily Roebling essentially became chief engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge when her father-in-law John Roebling died, her her husband Washington fell ill.
If anyone deserves multiple streets renamed in their honor, it is certainly The Ramones.
A Big Pun Place sign recently went up in the Bronx, and while it's not an official dedication, the sign was procured via the DOT's website.
The beloved Scrabble street sign in Jackson Heights, which mysteriously disappeared three years ago, is returning this fall.
Local atheists say they're considering suing the city over a new street sign in Red Hook that honors firefighters who died on 9/11.
Photo via EV Grieve Have you been to Joey Ramone Place
Photo taken by trexfiles23 on flickr Yesterday's sighting of a DOT
Photo by Marlon Ying A reader sent us in this picture
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