Street harassment

They're just "good guys"...yelling "grab them by their pussies."
Shoshana Roberts says she didn't get "everything she was promised" after the video went viral.
Women catcalling men? Now we've seen everything!
Non-profit clothing company Feminist Apparel has posted around 50 signs in Brooklyn and Manhattan, alerting passersby that they have officially entered "No Catcall Zones."
The NYC Anti-Street Harassment Rally will be held in Washington Square Park this Saturday starting at 2 p.m.
Jane Pratt's in-house Sassy magazine band wrote this anti-street harassment anthem in the early 1990s.
Why do men do it and what effect does it have on women?
A few glimpses at what women deal with every day, from Bushwick to the East Village to Crown Heights to Park Avenue—street harassment happens everywhere.
The creator tells us how the video was made, edited, and what was cut.
Our heart bleeds for him.
"The rape threats indicate that we are hitting a nerve."
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