Street hails

More bad news for fans of alternative transportation: yesterday, a Manhattan judge put the kibosh on Bloomberg's Five Boro Taxi plan, ruling that the methods the administration used to get it passed were unconstitutional.
Yesterday, a judge halted the Bloomberg administration's proposal to permit livery cabs to pick up street hails in the outer boroughs and in upper Manhattan.
The new cabs will feature lights on the roof, credit card machines, and taximeters—all the amenities that currently make yellow cabs the preferred choice for most New Yorkers.
If Mayor Bloomberg really wants his plan to make it legal for livery cabs to pick up street hails to make it out of Albany, the TLC may finally have to do something about its horrendous treatment of the handicapped.
While Bloomberg's plan for legal livery cab street hails stalls in the State Senate livery drivers are bemoaning an ongoing street hail ticket blitz.
After protesting Bloomberg's street-hail for livery cab plan in Manhattan yesterday, cabbies have descended upon Albany to protest today.
Mayor Bloomberg made a runaround on a compromise between livery drivers, the TLC and the City Council, simply sending his livery cab street hail plant to Albany.
(via Rachel Pincus' flickr) If you were excited when Mayor Bloomberg
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