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Filmmakers and visual artists have emphasized images of everyday courage and resilience to counter “invisibility” and distrust.

RAMBO was a "very enthusiastic bomber with an unusual hand style [who] dominated northern Brooklyn and downtown over the last fifteen years."

Over the past year, artists took to the emptier streets and reached people over social media.

A street artist has altered the subway mosaic at 46th, and also put a couple of other pieces up around the city.

"Because she was a Brooklyn native, it's going to have the Brooklyn Bridge in the background," street artist Elle told us.

Watch a mesmerizing 10 minute drone video showing all eight murals in the city—that includes three in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn, one each in the other boroughs.

That includes BLM murals that have gone up in Harlem, Brooklyn, Staten Island and more places.

Step back and you'll see a collage capturing the moment, with pieces alternating between the pandemic and the protests

Her work has taken on new resonance since the coronavirus pandemic hit NYC, with her messages reflecting the shared anxieties of New Yorkers and offering a sense of hope during this difficult period.

Here's a look at the giant graffiti show opening in Brooklyn this weekend.