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Highlights of the month include a new Coen Brothers film, Orson Welles' long-awaited final film, the last season of 'House Of Cards' and more.

The news is important, but so is your mental health, so when you feel like the latter needs a little hit of Reese Witherspoon, then click here and make a selection.

Ozark season 2, a new Kristen Bell and Kelsey Grammer movie, and more coming in August.

This is not a definitive list of the all-time best horror movies; rather, just a variety pack to get you started. Stuff to make you chilly, to please the eye, plus new tastes you may not be used to.

We're losing HIMYM, Twilight, the Matrix, and we're gaining... Field of Dreams.

This month, we're getting some goodies, including Full Metal Jacket.

Goodbye Scrubs, and helloooooooo new episodes of Master of None, Kimmy Schmidt, House of Cards, and more.

Spotlight is coming to Netflix in June!