The streaker is also the guy who tried to kiss Will Smith and recently grabbed Leonardo DiCaprio's crotch.
The Staten Island man who was arrested after streaking at a Philadelphia
Staten Island's Juan Rodriguez, who gained some much-deserved notoriety after streaking
The Staten Island streaker who put his ass on the line
Things got a little freaky in Philadelphia yesterday during President Obama's rally
The 29-year-old Mets fan who christened Citi Field in May by
In May, a man was arrested after running out onto Citi
Petroleum Jelliffe's Flickr [UPDATE BELOW] The daring streaker who charmed America
Speaking of stadium streaking, NYU's commencement ceremony is at Yankee Stadium
Images of Craig C. before and during the streaks via YouTube
Those of you at home watching tonight's Mets-Braves game missed out
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