Straphangers campaign

Spoiler alert: no viral rats were included on this list.
32 pairs of stops are less than 260 feet apart, or about the length of a city block.
This year there's an UNPRECEDENTED tie for first place.
Guess which list Pizza Rat landed on.
The 7 train rules; the B and 5 trains drool, according to the group.
Our transit systems Best and Worst moments of 2014, ranked.
Fighting for runner-up worst subway line honors were the 5, A and C lines.
Subway cars across the city saw a "statistically significant decline" in cleanliness over the last two years.
Another dramatic year in transportation is winding to a close, and as such, the Straphanger's Campaign has released a listicle detailing the "best" and "worst" transit events of 2013.
The Straphangers Campaign has measured the filth levels at 862 platforms at stations around the city.
And things are only going to get worse. See something? You'll have to say something to 911 later.
Graffiti and water damage though? Not hard to find.
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