The budget airline's unexpected closing has left employees without jobs and travelers sans flights.
You can see a video of the subsequent rescue—which included Riverhead Foundation members loading the dolphin onto a stretcher for transport—below.
The dudes in the videos below were stuck at the airport for they decided to have fun with the moving walkways.
More dolphins have beached themselves on the shores of Cape Cod in the past three weeks than typically beach in an entire year, and marine biologists have no idea why.
It seems that there was a lot of confusion between Jet Blue and Bradley Airport, resulting in hundreds of passengers being stuck on a plane (on a tarmac at the airport) for over seven hours.
These two guys made the most out of getting stuck in an airport—free beer, anyone?
The storm has really brought out everyone's creative side. Yesterday we saw
"So this is what my night looks like...." (Giants fullback Charles
A massive snowstorm shut down airports across Europe this past week and
A Naval helicopter drops supplies to the ship (U.S. Navy) The
Retired school principal Elizabeth Mulvihill moved from Long Island to South Williamsburg
Riders were stranded on the platform and in subway cars when a
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