Brace for a week of hot rain.
Expect windy rain, thunder, garbage gales, the whole bit.
Goodbye, sun.
"Well, after terrifying turbulance, plane getting struck by lightning, and sent to JFK instead of LGA, I'm finally in NYC..."
"Avoid contact with sewer water, as it poses a serious health risk."
Since when did weather reporting become a popularity contest?
"Literally, I’m driving and then all of a sudden, ‘boom’ — water. I couldn’t even see that it was that high. It was really a nightmare."
Can You Unlock Your Bike Before Floodwaters Rise Above Your Ears And You Drown?
Boy howdy that was some thunder and lightning show night, eh?
Dunes have disappeared, inlets have popped up, beaches and coastlines have reformed, and sand has swept further inland, changing Fire Island's landscape for the long run.
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